Losing A Child Is Hard

I help People Navigate The Loss

You Deserve To Have Peace And Hope In Your Life!

Open Your Heart

Heal From The Inside

Enjoy Life Again

Does This Sound Like You?

Struggling to think positive thoughts

Difficulty living your life to it's fullest

Always wondering why this happened to me

Controling Your Mind Is Within Your Power


Become Happy Again

Although it may not seem possible right now, this season will pass.  How long it lasts is really up to you.  There's joy in remembering, when done the right way, with the right intention.  And you can have that joy back in your life.

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What Others Are Saying About Sherri

"Extreme Pleasure"

It has been an extreme pleasure working with Sherri for over 10 years.  She has a joy that is contagious.  She is a dedicated and compassionate leader among leaders.  Sherri is a person of her word.  She speaks truth in love and has a passion to help others succeed.

- Melody F.

Leader/Motivational Speaker

"Positive Force"

Sherri's true heart, and desire to help others has been an amazing positive force for me.  Her positive, can do attitude, coupled with a little tough love (when deserved) has helped me immensely.  She leads from the front, by example, and you can't help but want to follow her.

- Keith P.
Colleague/Ruby Leader

"My Mentor"

Sherri is an exceptional leader who is committed to her work and willing to help in any capacity. She has an infectious, fun loving personality; always carrying a positive attitude. I'm fortunate to call her my mentor and friend.

-Cristen C.
Team Member
Ruby Leader

                             "I Am Blessed"

I am so blessed to call Sherri my mentor.  She is easy to talk to and will do anything within her power to help you succeed.  She sees the potential in everyone even when you don't see it in yourself.  Sherri inspires and motivates you to be the best you can be!  She guided me with my struggles and she can help anyone who is open and willing.

-Shelli F

"Those kind of things happen to other people.

Not me, not my family."

"Losing a child is like losing a part of you."

Losing a child by suicide only deepens what is already the worst grief.

Looking for answers as to Why this happened?  Why Me?!


Well my friend, I don't have a good answer for you!


There are no real answers, but questions that will keep being asked over and over.  Sound familiar?


The thought of someone harming themselves or completing suicide is hard to wrap our minds around it!  And yet it happens every single day!


You need to know how to live without your child and feel joy again.  You want to feel anything but pain!  But how?


Does the pain go away ever?  How can I go on knowing I will never see him/her again.  Is it selfish for me to find laughter and peace again?


It's not easy, but you can and you should!  You deserve it!  Your child's honor deserves it!

Sherri - Testimonial

"I know the questions, the guilt, the void in my heart.


I know the deep pain you are suffering.


I know the anger and hurt you feel first hand!


Oct. 9, 2012 my heart was broken to never fully be the same again.


That day changed my life and the dynamics of my family forever!


I am here to tell you there is hope for happiness again.


I am here to show you how and the steps you need to take to overcome your loss."

You don't want to live the rest of your life in hopelessness and pain.


You will learn to give yourself grace!  We can be the hardest on ourselves.


I truly believe many parents struggle when losing a child come from believing they must live in a grieving state to prove their love.  Not True!!


I will show you a better way to prove your love!


Join me for a time of healing you so deserve!  Don't keep living day to day in grief and regrets!


YOU are HERE.  Live your life to the fullest and honor your child's name with joy, love and yes grace for others!

Meet My Reason For Doing This

scott pic

This is my son Scott.  He was extremely talented in singing with a great ear to help others with their talents.  He loved the car business and was manager of a very large dealership.

Having children was not an easy task for me.  I miscarried 4 babies and lost a little boy born prematurely.  Needless to say Scott was especially special!  I attempted to adopt twice and the mothers changed their minds at the very last minute. (who could blame them) but it broke my heart.

Scott always knew he was very special to me.  But when anxiety and depression sets in.  Reality doesn't matter.  It's their pain that is all they can see and feel.  Scott was bullied and threatened due to a custody case for his little boy.  Mind games were played and it got the best of him.  So yes I know your heart, your sadness, your loss.

Let's Celebrate Your Child!

Each month I will take the name and list your child on his anniversary month.  Send his name with birthdate and date of his passing.  There will be a drawing and the name drawn will also have his picture here along with my son.

Simply send it to me on Face Book by messenger or email me at sherrihardeman@outlook.com

Our Forever Angels

Scotty Lester 2/25/75-10/09/12

If you, or someone you know, is struggling emotionally or having a hard time, you can be the difference in getting them the help they need.


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